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Feb. 10th, 2017 11:26 am
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Dangan Ronpa
I really wish that I weren't in a place like this, but if this really is the afterlife, I guess it could be a lot worse. There are some very nice people here and I hope that I get to know them well and come out of my shell!!
She is very sweet and gave me a cute nickname on my first day here to try and help me feel better. I think I might actually be able to be friends with her.
She saved me from a crowd and she seems nice enough. But I'm really worried about the fact that she's a Hope's Peak student... Maybe I'm just being paranoid?
He might look big and scary but he's actually really sweet! It's a nice change from some of the other big and scary people I've had to deal with lately...
Seems interested in furthering the technology here. Something about supplying electricity???

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Inbox for
Chihiro Fujisaki
Alter Ego
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Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Are you over 17?: No. B|
Characters in Forest Covered: Chiyo Sakura, Tori Himemiya


Name/Work Name: Chihiro Fujisaki/Alter Ego
Canon: Dangan Ronpa
Canon Point: Just after his death
Age: 18
History: Chihiro on the Dangan Ronpa wiki
Personality: The most prominent part of Chihiro’s personality is that thinks very little of himself and views himself as weak. This is because, as a child, Chihiro was very small and physically weak and was often picked on for it. Rather than deal with the abuse, he decided to start dressing as a girl, thinking that if he looked like the sort of person who would naturally be ‘weak’, then he wouldn’t be bullied for being who he was.

Chihiro tends to be very shy and loathe to speak up even if he knows he has vital information that he can share in a conversation. Desperate for people not to hate him, he tries to keep himself out of the way so as not to draw any negative attention towards himself. When anything that even resembles negative attention is directed towards him, he immediately starts to tear up and apologizes as much as he can to make up for whatever he’s done wrong.

Tears come very easily for Chihiro. All extreme emotions result in them, and since Chihiro is a very emotional person it’s not hard to get him to start crying. In fact, it’s much harder to get him to stop crying, and asking him to stop will often lead to him apologizing and crying more for upsetting you by being upset. It’s a sort of vicious cycle.

That isn’t to say that Chihiro is never happy, though. There are things in his life that bring him great joy - specifically computers, programming, and maths. As his title would suggest (Super High School Level Programmer), Chihiro is an expert with computers. From a young age, he has understood programming on a very deep level. It comes naturally to him. When talking about computers or programming, Chihiro can get very excited - almost like a small puppy - and energetic about his passion. It even helps him to forget his own weaknesses, because he knows that this is something that is a strength for him.

Speaking of strength, Chihiro is very emotionally strong and draws a lot of that strength from the bonds of friendship. Rather than relenting to Monobear’s threat to reveal his secret and letting that rule him, Chihiro decided that he would work hard to become strong enough - both physically and mentally - to be able to tell his classmates that he was, in fact, male. It was this determination and stubbornness that eventually lead to his murder, because he refused to give up even in the face of losing everything he had worked so hard to set in place.

Lastly, it is very important to note that Chihiro is an extremely kind-hearted person. The idea of murders and death upset him greatly, and he worked his hardest to become friends with everyone in the hopes of stopping any further mutual killing. He desperately wants to be able to help people and is always deeply apologetic and hurt whenever he finds himself in a situation where he doesn’t have the skill set to actually be of any help. On top of that, Chihiro feels everything very deeply - after the first execution, he pointedly states that they’re all to blame for Leon’s death, because they all voted for him as the culprit, even though that was the only way to save their own lives.

Debt: Chihiro is hoping to pay the debt of having lied to his friends and accidentally causing another murder to happen.

Inventory: What you see is what he has! Though he also has his student ID on him.

Abilities: He is a master programmer and understands computers on an intimate level. He is technologically advanced and has the ability to program and create high level artificial intelligence.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+ Hyper intelligent
+ Computers
+ Very polite
+ Friendly
+ Determined
- Crybaby
- Physically
- Self image
- Easily bullied
- Quiet


Characterization Sample:
The last thing Chihiro could remember was the astonishing sight of a dumbbell heading straight for his head. After that it was all darkness. That is, until he woke up on the cold floor of a room he didn’t recognize. The sensation felt all too familiar - like when he had woken up in a classroom he had never seen before and then been met with the idea of classmates killing each other to graduate. He shuddered, and it wasn’t just because his skirt was riding up so high that his thighs were touching the cold ground.

Getting to his feet, Chihiro looked around slowly, feeling himself starting to shake with terror. To try and distract himself from the building, overwhelming fear, he tugged his skirt back down into place before feeling around on his head. There didn’t seem to be any blood, or any spot that actually hurt. Had he just dreamed that...?

It was then that the screens flicking on around him drew Chihiro’s attention to his current situation again. But this time, he wasn’t shaking from fear - rather, he was so relieved that he could barely stay standing. He wasn’t locked in a building, there wasn’t mutual killing (at least, he could hope), and while he had been trapped elsewhere, this person on the screen seemed to have absolutely nothing in common with Monobear.
“Th-thank you!” he stuttered out, not really caring whether he could be heard or not. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. But then a thought occurred to him.

If he was here, were the others as well? And if they weren’t, did that mean they were still stuck back at Hope’s Peak?

Strengthening his resolve, Chihiro brusquely wiped the tears from his face and strode towards the door. He had to find someone he could actually talk to and get these questions answered. And maybe, just maybe, he might actually be able to do something here. Maybe he could finally be useful.
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CHARACTER NAME: Chihiro Fujisaki


Backtagging: YES
Threadhopping: Sure!
Fourthwalling: Heck yeah!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): NOTHING OFFENDS ME. You're good.


Hugging this character: Yes!
Kissing this character: YESSS
Flirting with this character: Oh heck yes
Fighting with this character: Yes!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Go for it!
Killing this character: Just chat with me, I'm usually down for anything
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Hell yeah!

Warnings: Chihiro is a spoiler! I hope you don't mind spoiler!

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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 Since Chihiro is kind of a walking, talking spoiler for Dangan Ronpa, go ahead and post here if you'd like me to avoid playing with you in order to keep you spoiler free!


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